1 Month in

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Well guys first month of enjoying Panda land, Oddly I’ve been having more fun leveling up my guild and alts then i have playing my old man which i just log on to her to do Coren Direbrew and one group of daily quests.

I plan on staying but will i raid…maybe,, not sure yet.

Today my guild hit level 5 and i bought the guild a 7th tab and no i am broke on all my toons, even my farmers. currently i hope to level up my professions so i can self provide for myself

This is wear i’m looking at.

300 Gobin Eng
473 Gnome Eng
545 Tailor
450 Cooking
600 enchanting
431 Blacksmithing
580 Jewelcrafting
464 Leather working
467(Transmute) Alchemy
465 Inscription

I plan to level 2 more alchemist in the future for the other two specializations. The rest i plan to keep open for if new professions pop up.

Here’s some Pictures of my Adventurers

WoWScrnShot_090313_200310 WoWScrnShot_090413_180645 WoWScrnShot_090513_194659 WoWScrnShot_091013_174359 WoWScrnShot_091013_182044 WoWScrnShot_091113_123051 WoWScrnShot_091113_153616 WoWScrnShot_091613_145317 WoWScrnShot_091913_154104 WoWScrnShot_092013_205159 WoWScrnShot_092113_102747 WoWScrnShot_092513_093924


Back to Panda Land!

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Hey Internet I’m back.


I’ve been gone to go to college and a bit of a disappointment for Warcraft but i thought i would give Mist a try, so far i’ve been enjoying it. The beautiful scenery the new characters.

What have i done so far?

Well i leveled up my hunter to 90

I rolled a panda and trying to improve my guild and get more people into it.


Anyways Picture times.

WoWScrnShot_082713_215616 WoWScrnShot_082813_001837 WoWScrnShot_082913_141414 WoWScrnShot_083013_175505 WoWScrnShot_083013_175911 WoWScrnShot_083013_204222 WoWScrnShot_083013_204521 WoWScrnShot_083013_204603 WoWScrnShot_083013_212607

Spring Break

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Well Spring break has started for me and i found this time to get back in the swing of things and stretch my legs over the break and getting a free seven day pass to wow at this time was a calling.

To start my week off i work 3 of them, and on the last day of the break is my birthday, But enough about that let’s see how wow has changed.

I haven’t gotten a chance to test raiding or battlegrounds or pet battles yet but i do like the change to pets and mounts are shared across all characters. So you don’t have to farm between 20 characters for a Brew feast Kodo or something like that.

The Talent tree is confusing as can be to me and feels a lot different also the mobs appear much harder making me have to work on quests. Which is good when i want to feel involved but not so good when i want to turn my mind off and kill some quests.

Lately I’ve been playing steam games more and i have a wishlist on my steam account for games i want i believe all but 2 of them are indie title games. Also this week i popped over at the comic book shop and picked up something for a board game i played


Erin Here is an a expansion pack character to the game Red Dragon inn i haven’t played her yet but i love this game it’s fun and really entertaining especially if people get into it with penny gambling actual drinks and try to talk like the characters.

I give you my final impressions of WOW by the 20th and after that i plan to use this blog as a general gaming blog after this if WOW does not take me

~Happy Spring Break!


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Comp fixed interview I”m waiting for a job in four hours but I laugh my thoughts are about this should I race change Orc to goblin? Good deals haste explosions and emotes vs beast and stun bonus it a tough call

Comp dead

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I love I phone keeps me informed sadly no news this week

20110504-103510.jpg set up new system on tv no none are online

Craft faire

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Craft faire happening in aie awesome event sadly my computer broke 😦


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Alright raid night going to try doing more raids old worlds for rep rp gear and gold. Besides that 4.1 drops Tuesday can”t wait to transfers boas and play a new toon but what class? Help me decide! I love this phone