What i am up to this week?

Welcome again readers it’s me Malonstorm. This is what i been upto this week, Well on my Mal i finished up Zangermarsh and dinged to 64. It’s been a long time since i played Mal but i missed him.

I’ve been looking around for rp guilds but most of them seem to be well hidden if any are about.

I really need to learn better on my place in dungeons and keeping damage off me one bad rabbit i seem to get into is rushing ahead to scout which i’ve been used to as a rogue in previous games and for that reason i thought of giving a rogue a try but still debating on which race to give a try.

Spore is a cute little game for all ages it has amazing customization where you create your own creates city and so forth and advance through all the basic stages of evolution. I’m only currently on the Civilization age and it’s been a blast thus far.

Darkmoon Faire for you young players is a monthly annual event held in Goldshrine, Mulgore and in Outlands another on a monthly or 2 month basis There are a lot fun thing to do like quests for tickets you can exchange for prizes and of course food and drinks and the famous game Tonkwars my favorite game! i take pride in my skill with the Tonk. 

That’s all for today Stay tuned next week for the Brew feast event!

Now for you Wow players don’t forget to drop off in Goldshire this week to drop off to the annual Darkmoon faire

In non warcraft news i finished my classes until january and bought a new video game called Spore


~ by delanish on September 11, 2008.

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