Family Brotherhood

I found my guild this is my guild, It’s not a raid guild or leveling guild or anything i just find nice very helpful people. lead by what i would call the Mother of the Guild Ricktera a Level 70 Hunter. We had what called a Dungeon leveling run today with some of the guilds alts. and got run through deadmines then grab our mid levels and went through the sunken temple.

This was rather intresting, my new baby rogue i find it rather fun but not sure how to spec that. My little baby gnome rogue *hugs*, Also i grab my warlock my secondary alt i havn’t played in months and i remember how UBER she was. 🙂

I’ve also still trying to convince myself to switch this to iweb or even get a nice template up 😀


~ by delanish on September 14, 2008.

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