Avast, and yo ho me mates of the Horde and Alliance today is the intentional Talk like a pirate day!, and warcraft be Celebrating it as well. In the head towns of both factions there are a few NPC wearing pirate costumes that will put your character in that costume for today only.

So put on that Jack Sparrow DVD sit down to a nice Pirate movie and watch this little video to learn the basic of getting the most fun out of the Intentional Talk like a pirate day!
As for my own news, i’m flip-flopping between the my Orc hunter and my gnome mage at the moment. Both have been fun But my friends kinda hinting at starting over with new characters.
Wonder what i should roll? if we go through with this?
Well Happy Brewfest everyone! 🙂

~ by delanish on September 19, 2008.

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