Well folks i’m back again and i bring a lot of good and bad news and events to the table this time on my blog.

first up 

I played around on my Main Orc Hunter doing the quests and dailies and generally having fun i’m still trying to get a mount though.
But Oh my gosh! Oh My Gosh! The litle 50s pets they give out are SOOO CUTE.
Pirate day with Aik
On other wow news, I moving over to horde now that i am noticing that there is very little RP in RP servers, and i’m rather enjoying playing with my buddies on horde. I’m trying to convince my friends to start new characters with me and debating between Troll Priest and Tauren Druid!
On the sad news…
I will be moving my house has been sold and there has been a death in the family so in the following month i will most likely be less active

~ by delanish on September 22, 2008.

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