Fairwell to the Horde!!

Fairwell to the Horde

Well i had it up to hear with the Horde, there a bit to pushy when it comes to end game content, At least that what i found. So i decided after playing around with my orc Hunter with her Many Brewfest events i would go back and play my mage and get him to 70 before the expansion hits.

I had alot of fun with the Brewfest event i will admit, I got everything i wanted expect a mount *crys*

Dark Ale Brewfest

So now i’m back with my guild on the Alliance and were trying a bunch of things the other day we took all of our lowbies and went on a Deadmines Run with my little new Prick in the back Sadina the lil Gnome Rogue! Hehe 😀


and just the other day i did Mara for the first time the whole way through….oh my god that instance is a long one but i finally got to see the Princess. I must say…..ewwwww!!


As for my mage i finally high enough tailoring to grab the spellfire set!! But now i’m debating where my lil 68 can go now now that Nargrand cleared of all those beasts.


If your ever around catch me a line on Thorium Brotherhood server.

Oh….Here what you get when you cross an orc and a blood elf (Weird bug)



~ by delanish on September 30, 2008.

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