Welcome to the new expansion

Been awhile since i reported but Mal is here taking his long ride around the new world of the North! i must say these new quest are amazing fun and the area much nicer to look at then Outlands it doesn’t make me feel Dissmay and say Thank god i am finally to Nargrand where i can actully hunt animals and not demons.

The story line vastly inproved and the etrance to the Nexas dungeon brought me in alot as much. Nay more so then Deadmines, My only compliant about this game so far is there about 7 million death knights running around but if your a priest in outlands Horray for you your now the offical healing bot for a death knight spree.

But so far been fun hope to see more i want to say i’m giving BRK the honor of naming my hunter’s next pet šŸ™‚ but enough of me here’s some pics.


~ by delanish on November 24, 2008.

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