Back to the Horde!!

Well, sorry i have not been blogging alot latey it’s been a very busy holidays but i finally got most of the issues asides and now i’m starting up collage so less to no wow for me 😦

But well after gearing up old Mal and raiding and heroics alot, i’ve found myself not having the same fun in Naxx as i did way back in  Kara…just bescause it’s boring for me…

Well…..i been playing around with alot with a few alts….and been invited on the epic dolls to try a tauren druid I’ve been having alot of fun the guild has been really friendly especially Sess and Vel love you guys!

I’ve been tempted to play my dwarf or even move over my orc hunter or maybe even try switching to a pvp server. but none of that matters depending on the work load i’m will be getting or not getting.

But with wow maybe i’m weird like this but once i hit max level…i want to do maybe a half a dozen heroics and start a new toon bescause i dunno after a short while heroics and raids get dull for me what should i do about that?


~ by delanish on January 8, 2009.

One Response to “Back to the Horde!!”

  1. DotA Allstar game is the best !!!

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