I’m Back

Well after college life and all i am back still in college signed up for guitar lessons and trying to gain up a little social life :p, Overrated i say!

Anyways what have i been up to in the warcraft world.

WELL!!! i moved one of my old hordies to a highly reccomended guild on another server but things did not work out between me and the GM after the intial WTF i deicded to take it with a grain of salt and move back to my mage.

I do miss my hunter a bit though 😦

Anyways i recently since patch 3.08 i switched to arcane and trying it out and i have to say I LOVE IT!!! My DPS is up my crit chance is up and alot easier to use i love love love being ARCANE.

Also i promised my friend in a guild wants me to get my alt to her level so i decided and having alot of fun wth her to my ret pally! kicking butt preparing for outlands.

I’ve been joking around with my friend’s cousin on making my own guild called Banana with bright yellow tabards just fun the fun of it!


~ by delanish on January 23, 2009.

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