Make Over

I’m beginning to start a make over of the blog. I’m still working on how to add plug ins and the RSS feed so you can read it directly from wherever you are.

As for Wow i’ve been trapped on which character to play…lately though I’ve been playing a death knight and been having quite a bit of fun with my pink haired little bringer of death “hehe”

I tried Unholy first only to find alot of troubles it was a fun talent tree do not get me wrong but for soloing it wasn’t the best thing for my liking but just the funniness of your own undead minion and very interesting abilities made it very entertaining.

After that i switched over to blood i must say a lot easier to level at the rate i can get my health back and my Attack power is pretty nice i rarely miss my mark.

It’s a bit different then the paladin kinda more reminds of my warrior but with more interesting abilities.

Below is a picture of me in Hellfire with my guild!



~ by delanish on January 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Make Over”

  1. What’s wrong with your current RSS feed? I guess you could switch over to using feedburner for your feed but wordpress will serve you well if you’re not thinking of expanding your blog too large. It boils down to how many readers you think you will get.

    Perhaps check the tutorials for how to add widgets to your sidebar. I don’t use wordpress myself so I can’t help you much there. Sorry!

    As for WoW, did you give frost a try? I thought frost was strictly for tanking but I hear it can DPS fairly well. But don’t go out and spend the gold because of me! Maybe look through the tree and see if it’s worth a shot. I think I’ll give blood a try since you said you like it.

  2. M main concern is i[‘m not sure how RSS feeds really work to be honest 🙂

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