To return?

Well i’ve thought about returning looking at all the guild drama (good drama) My GM’s Daughtar is in Labour and awaiting for a babe to be born :)!!! Horray Ricktera.

My guild has also been going horde happy latey i still not sure about the big deal of horde….*shrughs* i just switch to an alt noone knows about if i feel bugged or i bug back until thy ingore me for a bit 😀 haha!

In the wow community sadly The following blogs have been shut down due to RL issues

Restoforlife (Grats for getting a druid abtility and a armour named after you)

BRK (You’ll always be my favorite Hunter…i hope you one day return.

Gun loving dwarf chick (She went priest)

As for me if i return i ask myself what should i play and where shaw i play i love my guild but i find it to small i wish we could combine it a bit with other friends and increase it’s popularity i’ve never been one for raiding but i think they should always be two or three people online at any given time if possible 🙂

There a few ideas to consider (new character and server, become a master mage and focus on it or just pick an alt and go with that one )

I decide tomarrow i’m going to proably pick up fallout3 or left for dead anyways!


~ by delanish on April 5, 2009.

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