First days back in WOW

Now, I started to head back to wow i decided to start playing my pally, she about ready to leave outlands and send out the big boys in the north lands.

I’ve been having troubles with guilds lately since my alliance guild mostly switched to horde..i really don’t want to roll horde bescause i prefer alliance alot more. The Cities the character nature on my server just everythign and i have funds here and some characters so i feel better here and not switching. But bescause my guild gone i’m usually on alone with noone to talk to.

and my other raiding guild there an ok guild but besides raiding they do nothing together…you think at least we do heroics now and then.

I’m currently working on a podcast project and thinking of renaming this blog about alts?


~ by delanish on April 11, 2009.

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