THe North lands Await!

Warcraft News!

Guild swears to Thrall- The Guild i’m in the “Family Brotherhood” (Thorium Brotherhood (US) ) has decided to get over half of their members to switch sides to the horde.
Now me i’ve tried the horde a few times and i just like the flavor of the Alliance and the look of the alliance races over the horde just my taste, so this has put the guild chat at an empty.

I’ve been actully for a laugh make my own guild and call it Banada or Banada rama guild with a full yellow Tabard.

characters-Not much to report expect my paladin has dinged 68 and heading up tonight or tomarrow to the Borean Tundra to explore the new lands and bring the fight to Arthas.

Been debating on this new transsition wheather to head to the retibrutation or the protection tree, holy looks promising but not for leveling.

Video games

Well there only two updates here i busted out my N64 and started play Zelda so i’ve been playing around i did the chain quest to get the giant sword and heading to the Forest temple.

Oblivion i’ve decided to challage myself i had a warrior and a mage before so this time i thought i try a theif and working around on the theives guild quest chain 🙂

[u]Real life stuff[/u]

Well mom heading South to Califoria to visit my Great Aunt with my Grammie and my Aunt so home to myself all week, besides that i got a little portfolio to hand in before school over with figure out what course to take before i finally find the carreer right for me!

Other News/Coming Soon

I want to try to get little drawing in this blog and as well a podcast i’m testing the problem is i need a co host so i can bounce ideas off and so i don’t just gag on and on and on for 10+ minutes


Thrall Riding on a Pony (He calls him Buttercup)


~ by delanish on April 13, 2009.

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