3.1 Let’s have some fun!

Trailer, finally a patch with a trailer i havn’t seen a good one in a long time! since sunwell!


i’ve been bored in 3.1 playign my pally and trying to tank since i get the new content and Borean tundra i found tanking alot more diffcult and being outmatched and cannot hold my aggro up against mages and so forth like i was in outlands and 3.0. So i decided…..


I deccided for one last shot at the horde life see what i’ve been missing and i have to say/…loving it. I went through dragon blight and did the wraith gate and i must say the Horde Battle for undercity was much better then the Alliance one.

I’ve also got duel speccing for my character and working on trying to learn how to do stuff outside of BM maybe Survivalist but find it diffcult.

The big thing is on though…i dinged 76 so I’m after that Spirit beast in Solo Basin!  he’s going to be mine!

This new guild i joined there seems like a good group people that don’t take themselves to seriously hehe


~ by delanish on April 20, 2009.

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