Battleground test.

Well i got my Matron title on my orc hunter 🙂 finally and i been looking at this should i be playing alliance…horde or both i enjoy each one in different ways…

Though i had it up to my neck in PUG’s where a holy pally has to DPS due to gear…..I’m holy to heal not DPS.

As for my hordie it’s fun she is fun but feel like i’m abonding my friends doing that *shrughs* or maybe that just me…hunter is kinda an easy class but it is still enjoyable. but that what i like the alliance the ability to switch but it is nice to just have one char to focus your time and gear and professions on one character…*shrughs*

Which to choose?

As for non WOW events this week i had to work a 15 hour shift mostly outside got sunburst pretty bad and a morning shift today.

After visiting my denist i want to try a water diet where i switch out pop and sugar drinks for H2O tap water 🙂


~ by delanish on May 5, 2009.

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