Wraith Gate

Well i’ve been doing some basic leveling and questing with Sahkyo my pally when i decided to try wraith gate. i must say the fights the horde has it alot better off then the alliance from glance at the fights and how much i got into that.

But i thought to myself when i was all said and done. “Hey what should i be doing in wow?” That question keeps seeming to come up. leveling all well and good but after so many times in the same zone it sort of loses it’s charm.

Raiding and pvp may be nice but sometimes i find (especially with raiding) almost impossible to get into due to i normally join casual guilds.

Dailies…yeah dailies are fun for awhile to get the lore and grind rep but after so long it does it boring as well

When i first made this blog i thought on focusing on my main malonstorm but i thought if i do that since he’s been 80 it would be updated once a month.

My guild been mostly busy with RL things and i been just hopping around curious what should i do level an alt work on my pally or focus on Mal my main!


~ by delanish on May 23, 2009.

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