back maybe…

Well after somw weighing i need to really look at myself and need to take a deeper breath. I know i can be rough around the edges at times i can be hard headed bescause of experiance with one character doesn’t mean i know what is best and  need to shake off what people say to me and not take things to heart once i do that my self esteem should raise up a bit.


i got pretty far on my horde hunter but i find more and more i miss the alliance i miss the thorium brotherhood bescause i know it and people can be more themselves and silly without being pointed fun at.

The one thing  don’t like about wow is when you hit 80 maybe because of the translation to learning the class to knowing the class inside and out and within almost no time you are expected to do X number of damage or hold x amount of aggro or have x amount of spellpower o your regarded as a failure which is why i can’t stay 80 for to long and i just give up and make a new toon. which is the problem i’m more about social and friends then being UBER.

anyways i like to hear your thoughts

~best regards


~ by delanish on June 5, 2009.

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