New Healer!

Hey everyone. i decided tyo try out a more raid worthy healer then my undergeared holy pally so my search comes between my two alts seen below I’m looking at them and trying to figure out which ones


Shaman -The Raid Buddy-

Shamans are great they have totems that can get rid of anything, Clensing totems tremor totems, Wrath totems and Heroism this is a plus for any raid he can heal the casters out and healer up to 5 people instantly and little fight for gear.

Resto Druid -The Edurance healer

Resto Druids have a hard time becoming Out of mana they have innverte to renew mana for anyone (I normally try to reserve this for healers only) They have self res and a buff that makes the other healers heal better they also have Heals over times that put the other classes to shame.

So it is a though choice what’s your debate?




~ by delanish on November 3, 2009.

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