I’m back!

Well i’m back on the server and ready to play i aww a nice break did me well. though sadly my alliance server has been slowly dieing it’s went from a medium to a low pop server when it was new it was a High pop server.

Most of my friends log on once in a life time and i just don’t have much heart to raid with it just level my alts and stuff and do heroics 🙂

Anyways i got my warrior to 80 and working on my druid next.

as for Horde my new main is Aik a hunter i just got her exhaled with Nether drake! today.

I promise i promise i will try to update this thing more often 🙂

But still there a problem always Plaguing me in wow and i wish i had more then just very vague advise (how to make gold fast in wow)

people just tell me this

-Oh well farm

-Play the Auction House

-Do the Argent Dailies

these are not helpful tips :S


~ by delanish on May 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. Yes I am a blogger that is promoting another blogger.


    This site is GREAT if you want to learn how to make some gold. Welcome back to wow Btw

    Mr. Stoneskin

  2. Honeslty just doing dailies every day and crafting stuff using your maxed professions will make more than enough money. 🙂

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