Lots to talk about today

24 hour downtime on WOW you know what this means!!

New Patch is the word going around Ruby Sac coming to the shelves Operation Gnomer and Retaking the Echo Isles that’s what on the minds of our players

but to me i’m hoping it not that…i’m not ready for it 😀

Well Craftfair went down without a hitch in AIE it was awsome got a RoflChopter and some frostweave bags. but my Pally bailed out on me for 3v3 Oh well.

But i’ve been playing my alliance again and found an old guild reformed eternal faith i love it layed back awsome i’ve been playing around with my toons there leveling my druid

and i finally g0t my chance to Offtank ICC10 it was AMAZING to down the gunship battle alot different from the take to a gunner point of view.


~ by delanish on June 8, 2010.

One Response to “Lots to talk about today”

  1. I hope not too. Totally not ready yet ;_;

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