My Graphic novel came in today WOOT so i have something to keep my mind off the game for a bit

This is Book a very American Comic of warcraft in a more of a DC style. Book one i loved had a little rant by Chris Metzen which i very much enjoyed about how Comic Books and little things in world of warcraft such as Captain America and A paladins Avengers sheild or the Racial ability Heroic Presence and Superman and he goes on to other things and why he choose the artist Why they choose this artist and this style. which he was very enjoyable to use.

Sorry Hordes he seems to be so far more Alliance focus.

Book 1 and 2 is mostly about How King Wyrnn background story

Book 3 i’m still reading there this strange Orc that an old ghost mage is traveling with and seems to also have a side focus on Garona (A Half orc woman who Killed the last King of Stormwind in front of Wyrnn eyes when he was a boy thus sparking his true hatred for the Horde outside of just war enemies.

I personally am more of an Amercian comic person then Manga i don’t know why i love Anime/Manga…it’s just it feels Manga it’s like i’m missing something or some wording or something Critical was lost in the Translation or a culture difference?


~ by delanish on June 22, 2010.

One Response to “Downtime”

  1. Manga is great. It distances you a little which makes it safer – but still action packed.

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