What i’m up to

Starcraft 2 has hit the stores and i must say i love it i got the collector edition and it’s pretty amazing.
the campaign i’m kinda disappointed I’m just kinda a person watching it instead of a (Commander) that get tagged around for the ride like in Starcraft one

That’s about it.

As for Warcraft…..i went back and been spending time with my alliance toons and trying to bring a friend with me…i’ve been spending time when she not on leveling my shaman and when she is leveling my rogue.

I’ve been trying to find a new guild on my alliance server and so far havn’t been able to find one i’ve been thinking of making my own private guild by converting my bank guild to a private guild or just start a new one from scratch

The reason why i want to do this is bescause of the sense how players have gotten lazy and only look at your gearscore and that’s it to pick out if your leet or not.
Which is a horrible way to judge players…(Maybe this player was on vacation from the game) (Maybe this player sucks and got carried)
I rather build up a guild and make raiders if they have raid awareness.

Let me Explain by Raid awareness is the ability to adept to situations in the raid to research or adjust said rotation for certain things.

Sure sites like wowhead,Elitist Jerks can give you a rotation and a spec…but…it’s up to the player to adjust the spec and rotation based on your comfort level and what’s going on i hate hearing people in trade or in guilds saying.

let’s see a rouge keep up his DPS when he’s doing the saftey dance.
This is what makes me bummed about raiders now a days..sure there is a dps you may have to reach for the DPS berserk timer of certain bosses but…i pick skill over gear anytime. i rather raid with smart raiders over geared raiders.


~ by delanish on July 30, 2010.

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