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Hey guys Malon here yet again and cata news is slightly annoying me in what blizzard is doing.

There reforging which in short is you can take a secondary stat of an item (such as Attack power, Crit, Spell power Etc) and transfer 40% of that stat to another stat

I like this for customization but besides that their making things so simple and forcing people to cookie cut it hurts

Talents points for example you need 31 points into your main tree before going into another.

Taking away hunter’s ammo (sure i hated we lost bag space but i lived with it i was used to be a vending machine on my mage.)

but come on let’s be realist a bit… we now have a everlasting quiver i would of loved to see special arrows to really give hunter’s something to play it

For example

Normal Arrow do physical damage

Fire arrows do less Damage then normal arrows but does Fire damage and a chance of a DOT of burn over time like a fire mage

Ice arrow (chance to slow movement or casting speed of target)

i think that be a really cool tool to play with.

I do miss in BC and vanilla though that… (OMG your a mage you gotta tank Krosh firehand for us right now only you can do it) well now there trying to make you can form a team with what you got but still makes me sad a bit i’m not the old Gruuls lair hero or AQ hehe



-Blue Plz! I love this Podcast their most recently show featured BRK if you don’t know who BRK is you need to get out of the ground and find this grandfather of hunter’s and wow blogging Big red kitty

-Fixed my voice on vent, used my Headphones/mike as just headphones and my stand alone open mike and get a great sound now!


Well been kinda flip flopping between learning to tank as a frost DK and i’m slowly getting it. The most complex tank class in my opinion druid and pally was a cake walk..warrior ..need to learn your big abtilies but compared to DK all of them were easy

my second toon is my rogue i’m leveling learning the tricks…i seem to need help with tough quests alot but i like my rogue i dunno why

I really need to spice this blog up a bit hehe!


~ by delanish on August 10, 2010.

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