Nearing the end…should it really end…

Well guys this is it it’s nearing the end of the journey of my first stage in my insane plan but i’m not sure if this will fully drain me from wow from doing it…i’ve been taking breaks but still..

Right now i just have a

73 Priest

70 Warlock

left on the scales to level up and then i will be finished wha ti’m noticing is the choices are great and i get to do alot of different things but….what for.. it’s nice but empty at the same time i’m finding having only one toon is quite better sometimes it makes you feel more focused.

The problem i’m having end game is that i can’t find a raiding guild on my server that stands the test and by raiding guild someone who can down more then one wing in ICC before they fall apart.

But now my feelings towards Alliance vs Horde

From a certain server fun i noticed that Horde has a more close fitting society and has either more elitist and more mature players. I mean Elitist in the worst terms.

The Alliance on the other hand seem to be more casual more forgiving but less progressive but these are generalist i seen servers where the opposite is true.

Personally i found Alliance more for reasons i want to say…i prefer Alliance over horde is the love of old DND and Alliance feels more filmilar as weird as that sounds.

With Cata coming and the rumors coming i thought of switching my Horde hunter to my dwarf pally to my main or roll a dwarf in a PVP server Eastern time to give it a shot.

What are your plans for Cata?

Any tips to help out with my blogging?


~ by delanish on August 30, 2010.

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