Power Outrage

Hey guys, It’s me again me Malonstorm again well since power out and i’m growing a bit bored of reading i decided to do a small offline blog entry. While i’m offline here “Thanks to Earl” there’s been a few things i been wanting to do with this blog that i have been unable to and it’s really been annoying me perhaps some fellow bloggers out there.


I wanted to really make this blog shine out i look at some other blogs out there such as Summergales or Olbith. I believe his name is and how well designed it was. I was always blown away with it’s layout so seamless. i wish i could make mine like that.


Hey i write blogs on my mac and like how easy it is to publish a post in Iweb. Very simple very easy i really wish i could push this on my wordpress. Ff i have to perhaps spend a few bucks and buy a godaddy domain name and space so i could what do you think.

3.Grammar correction

Hey i’ll admit it my grammar is horrible and spelling when i write blogs. I’m used to just jotting down my own little notes in my scribble or note book. When writing I just go with the idea and never pause in the thought of grammar or to take a breath for a period or a question mark. Because of that i lost my natural art i was taught to where to place periods question marks etc.

How am i doing in Game

Things are going great so far. I admit i’m rarely playing my Orc and been focused on my alliance characters. As i said my guild has hit off the ground. I have two toons left to level

-79 Priest

-70 Warlock

I got plans for them for that but the question is now i asked which always confused me how to make gold and get rich in WOW i’ve been looking around and tried out a few ideas but little has worked perhaps one of you could send me some advise on that.


~ by delanish on September 6, 2010.

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