Thoughts on Cata

Now to be honest i havn’t been looking at anything i’m letting it all come as a surprize…my friends that are horde are running over Illdan to aviod the ques now to find a new home.

I thought of trying a new server maybe with a worgan on a heavy PVP or RP realm as a little different state or even one with a few Wow Stars as i call them in.

But then what am i up to now.. well….

Been trying to give this little blog a facelift and thought of buying a godaddy account and trying to tune it up or play around with Iweb and see how that works out but i really do not think they have the raw power as wordpress does in customization but…i love to dress this site up with my own screen shots arts etc.

In game…well Leveling all done so what am i thinking about and what am i doing…well the profession grind now!

Herb,Skinning,Mining (Maxxed)

Engeering and enchanting (Maxed)

Tailoring (446)

Alch,Inscription 180-250 stage

Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting 150-200 (iron ore)

Leatherworking- (100 Light leather)

Cooking (292) Sandword meat then outlands

fishing 212

Lockpicking (15)

I’ve enjoying picking flowers over skinning and mining myself so most likely alchemy and inscription will be second after cooking.

Fishing…i need to level that up *Grabs Lord of the ring movies and mac labtop* This outta speed things up!

Leatherworking (Farm Farm Farm)

Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting (Iron ore to farm Arggg it takes so long hehe)

But now for my main for CATA i thought hard on a few decsion

One was trying out the new race and go to a PVP to play it out or a more high end progressive server but after seeing the trade chat on some servers it’s a nut house!

So i thought of picking a Main that i PVP and maybe Raid with…and looking at all the classes even after all this time my mage is standing tall and proud

MY Warrior and pally are a close second though i think bescause i have a choice to tank and can farm Badges easilybut even in low res gear i love frost mage and i just hinge on to the glory of tanking in AQ and in BC Krosh firehand (mage tank FTW baby) but i think i always felt right with mages looking back on old games and my favored character i see

Notice a pattern yet or need i go on?

i played my share of barbains and warriors and admit i have alot of fun with them some are more sucessful the my mages something about a big strong brute with a giant axe to smash your face in i guess?

I beat Diablo 1 with a warrior and oblivion with a Nord Nerd warrior so it’s always been a nice toss up for me it really hard for wow

Big Strong Tank wearing gear ripping DPS/Tank or a Silk wearing Fire Blasting Crit happy spellcaster?


~ by delanish on September 22, 2010.

One Response to “Thoughts on Cata”

  1. Vivi is awesome… you would be inhuman if he wasnt your favourite…. XD

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