Skills count

Here we go.

Let’s see



Mining 450/450

Skinning 450/450


Blacksmithing 173/450

Jewelcrafting 133/450

Inscription  166/450

Alchemy 290/450

Leatherworking 78/450

Tailoring 446/450

Engineering 450/450

Enchanting 450/450

Secondary Skills

First-Aid 450/450

Cooking 450/450

Fishing 215/450

So looking at this i have a long way to go now the question is the approach on how to go about it

Also to help recruitment and a good read i picked up a guild leading book by one of the columnist at wow insider or or whatever they call themselves now.

Also to any machimcha makers. i wanted to make a lil story called “The Warden” I like to dress a toon of mine like an NPC in the outskirts of ironforge and need help filming the footage. if anyone wishes to help please send me a message on twitter or facebook please.


~ by delanish on September 24, 2010.

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