Cata Main?

Now looking at the future i’m debating on a new main and first let break it up

Tanks-Tanks have a great pressure on them and have great reward if you can o it correctly it’s the heart of the team as of 3.3 tanks can farm badges like none business due to slow que times.

Between vanilla and Wrath i noticed the players that play tanks kinda changed from a more relaxed to a “Do what i say you #&## Noob or i kick you”

Healers The role that gets blame for everything little reward and large powers on…sure you get into pugs raid very easy and easier to get geared up for end game the cost to me is not worth it

Range DPS Keep at a distance away from the enemy basic hit and run very simple very easy to use little preesure little reward but easily replaceable for raids.

Melee DPS A bit more dangerous and a higher rate of risk then there Range DPS counter part but a mix of both needs to count.

Ok from what i said it sounds more Range DPS so let’s look at this on each.

Hunter-We get a pet traps and the easiest way to level we rock in Battlegrounds kick butt and there way to many of us but come on PETS!

Mage-Tradition Glass cannon range DPS with frost spec we can destory and screw people up in battegrounds and burn things and blow stuff up with our fire or arcane fun also did i mention we are the masters of Crowd control and Area of effect spells

Warlock More DOTS More DOTS more DOTS we have a pet we have a buff we can summon people, and we do amazing damage over time even if you kill us our dots will kill you

Shadow priest kinda like a mini warlock that can heal with a warlock they can destory but i believe the priest pure strength is in Healing

Balance Druid I summon trees i’m a giant chicken casters love me for my Boomkin buff but i only have like a 2 button rotation.

Seems like narrowing it down to Hunter and Mage it’s really tough between them


~ by delanish on September 27, 2010.

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