My Book Came in!

Chapters finally got the book i ordered in from a author Scott.F.Andrew (The guild Leader’s Handbook)

I’m not very far in but so far an intresting read i give you guys a full review once i’m done.

I also if  you love WOW and comic books pick up the Warcraft Graphic Novels (NOT THE MANGAS)

Number 4 is said to be out next month the first two books is all about Lo’gosh.third one is all about the twilight council

But if that not your cup of tea i beg you if you have any respect for Warcraft story line pick up Ashbringer it explains all about the Ashbringer up to when Darien Morgrain became a Deathknight (to continoue the story you must play wow from the Death knight starting zone


~ by delanish on October 1, 2010.

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