Spring Break

Well Spring break has started for me and i found this time to get back in the swing of things and stretch my legs over the break and getting a free seven day pass to wow at this time was a calling.

To start my week off i work 3 of them, and on the last day of the break is my birthday, But enough about that let’s see how wow has changed.

I haven’t gotten a chance to test raiding or battlegrounds or pet battles yet but i do like the change to pets and mounts are shared across all characters. So you don’t have to farm between 20 characters for a Brew feast Kodo or something like that.

The Talent tree is confusing as can be to me and feels a lot different also the mobs appear much harder making me have to work on quests. Which is good when i want to feel involved but not so good when i want to turn my mind off and kill some quests.

Lately I’ve been playing steam games more and i have a wishlist on my steam account for games i want i believe all but 2 of them are indie title games. Also this week i popped over at the comic book shop and picked up something for a board game i played


Erin Here is an a expansion pack character to the game Red Dragon inn i haven’t played her yet but i love this game it’s fun and really entertaining especially if people get into it with penny gambling actual drinks and try to talk like the characters.

I give you my final impressions of WOW by the 20th and after that i plan to use this blog as a general gaming blog after this if WOW does not take me

~Happy Spring Break!


~ by delanish on March 12, 2013.

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