Back to Panda Land!

Hey Internet I’m back.


I’ve been gone to go to college and a bit of a disappointment for Warcraft but i thought i would give Mist a try, so far i’ve been enjoying it. The beautiful scenery the new characters.

What have i done so far?

Well i leveled up my hunter to 90

I rolled a panda and trying to improve my guild and get more people into it.


Anyways Picture times.

WoWScrnShot_082713_215616 WoWScrnShot_082813_001837 WoWScrnShot_082913_141414 WoWScrnShot_083013_175505 WoWScrnShot_083013_175911 WoWScrnShot_083013_204222 WoWScrnShot_083013_204521 WoWScrnShot_083013_204603 WoWScrnShot_083013_212607


~ by delanish on September 1, 2013.

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