1 Month in

Well guys first month of enjoying Panda land, Oddly I’ve been having more fun leveling up my guild and alts then i have playing my old man which i just log on to her to do Coren Direbrew and one group of daily quests.

I plan on staying but will i raid…maybe,, not sure yet.

Today my guild hit level 5 and i bought the guild a 7th tab and no i am broke on all my toons, even my farmers. currently i hope to level up my professions so i can self provide for myself

This is wear i’m looking at.

300 Gobin Eng
473 Gnome Eng
545 Tailor
450 Cooking
600 enchanting
431 Blacksmithing
580 Jewelcrafting
464 Leather working
467(Transmute) Alchemy
465 Inscription

I plan to level 2 more alchemist in the future for the other two specializations. The rest i plan to keep open for if new professions pop up.

Here’s some Pictures of my Adventurers

WoWScrnShot_090313_200310 WoWScrnShot_090413_180645 WoWScrnShot_090513_194659 WoWScrnShot_091013_174359 WoWScrnShot_091013_182044 WoWScrnShot_091113_123051 WoWScrnShot_091113_153616 WoWScrnShot_091613_145317 WoWScrnShot_091913_154104 WoWScrnShot_092013_205159 WoWScrnShot_092113_102747 WoWScrnShot_092513_093924


~ by delanish on September 27, 2013.

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