My characters


80 Gnome Mage (Thorium Brotherhood)

Malonstorm was the first ever character i made in playing wow i started on a PVP server but found quickly it wasn’t for me. so i moved to a friend server Thorium brotherhood and i’ve been playing there with Mal ever since thus far Mal has been the only character i have raided with.

RP: His roleplay story i left it rather opened so he lost his parents to the explosion in Gnomerage but sadly due to the expansions the focus has fallen off of that


80 Human Paladin (Thorium Brotherhood)

A former member of the Scarlet Crusade Chole lives by the words of the light and his church to respect his religious  pride of Northern and always lend a hand to another friend  in need. he will always stand and never hide when a kinsman are in danger and vows to find his lost brother.

Chole is also an experiment i made to focus on Tanking up until 70 he been really fun but the fun been very much burnt out for me in i originally choice Shakyo(now chole) for two reasons one i never see any female dwarves. and the second was just to see her hair spin when she casts. (i switched her to BE and mistakenly when i went back to Alliance i choose human (I might switch back to dwarf)



80 Orc Hunter (Earthen Ring)

Aik i made her with some old friends from Neverwinter Nights to try the horde out, and i have to say i like it and hunter at times i debate which i wheather play horde or alliance, i love doing more solo things with her over group things but i do enjoy it….i’m currently searching for Rare hunter pets for Aik 🙂

80 Gnome Warrior (Thorium Brotherhood)

GNOME TANK!! GNOME TANK!!! GNOME TANK!!, What can i say i’m a huge gnome fan i made this guy in BC more or less as an RP soldier and to try a non mana class to try it out and i must admit this guy was a pain to level but….once i got a bit of gear i love tanking it is my favorite non DPS class. it puts a smile on my face when i go Charge into a big Giant like say XT.


Of course i also have many other alts but many i have not played and named enough to be of importance on this board maybe they will see the light of day maybe they won’t ^_^.


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