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Well it’s 2am testing this app to say I”m back my hunter kicking off as my main. But my alliance server and friends seem dead with the rumor of soon to come server transferred boa items I can’t wait to explore a new world ha! I promised myself I play wow less and draw read and practice guitar more but errrr hehehe. Well time for bed zzzzzzzzzzz hope to see you online


New character idea

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I’m a bit bored of wow right now the only reason i’m playing waiting for the expansion but got a new character all worked out what do you think of this?


Cata Choice

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Be honest after playing and leveling every class tryign them out seeing how they work only one class shines out in my mind Mage and with the guild achievements coming i think maybe it time to join my old guild and i won’t be leveling any of my toons expect my new one that will be made the day Cata comes out …i havn’t decided on a name yet but it’s going to be mage and going to be ….

With Cata hitting i be starting a new blog all about this goblin and all about mages i’m making mages my primary focus (class wise)

Guild leader Handbook Chapter One

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Very interesting chapter i’m jotting notes as i write it to make my guild successful my plans are more for the future more then now but so far i say

[u]I want my guild to be[/u]



PVE focused


Moderated on language and allow all ages

If raiding using the Suicide Kings loot system

Chapter two will come soon

New Change to Accounce (MAGE)

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Over time i plan to put more focus towards my favorite class before MMO’s Since i was young and held my Atari and Nintendo in my hand. I’m talking about the best class (in my opinion) the MAGE Black mage, Wizard,Sorcerer,Mage, whatever you call them the whole idea of the glass cannon concept has entertained me to no end and i doubt it ever will so in the future i plan to strive and improve and hopefully even write tips guilds and how to gem how to enchant how to Mage.

My Book Came in!

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Chapters finally got the book i ordered in from a author Scott.F.Andrew (The guild Leader’s Handbook)

I’m not very far in but so far an intresting read i give you guys a full review once i’m done.

I also if  you love WOW and comic books pick up the Warcraft Graphic Novels (NOT THE MANGAS)

Number 4 is said to be out next month the first two books is all about Lo’gosh.third one is all about the twilight council

But if that not your cup of tea i beg you if you have any respect for Warcraft story line pick up Ashbringer it explains all about the Ashbringer up to when Darien Morgrain became a Deathknight (to continoue the story you must play wow from the Death knight starting zone

Cata Main?

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Now looking at the future i’m debating on a new main and first let break it up

Tanks-Tanks have a great pressure on them and have great reward if you can o it correctly it’s the heart of the team as of 3.3 tanks can farm badges like none business due to slow que times.

Between vanilla and Wrath i noticed the players that play tanks kinda changed from a more relaxed to a “Do what i say you #&## Noob or i kick you”

Healers The role that gets blame for everything little reward and large powers on…sure you get into pugs raid very easy and easier to get geared up for end game the cost to me is not worth it

Range DPS Keep at a distance away from the enemy basic hit and run very simple very easy to use little preesure little reward but easily replaceable for raids.

Melee DPS A bit more dangerous and a higher rate of risk then there Range DPS counter part but a mix of both needs to count.

Ok from what i said it sounds more Range DPS so let’s look at this on each.

Hunter-We get a pet traps and the easiest way to level we rock in Battlegrounds kick butt and there way to many of us but come on PETS!

Mage-Tradition Glass cannon range DPS with frost spec we can destory and screw people up in battegrounds and burn things and blow stuff up with our fire or arcane fun also did i mention we are the masters of Crowd control and Area of effect spells

Warlock More DOTS More DOTS more DOTS we have a pet we have a buff we can summon people, and we do amazing damage over time even if you kill us our dots will kill you

Shadow priest kinda like a mini warlock that can heal with a warlock they can destory but i believe the priest pure strength is in Healing

Balance Druid I summon trees i’m a giant chicken casters love me for my Boomkin buff but i only have like a 2 button rotation.

Seems like narrowing it down to Hunter and Mage it’s really tough between them